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3 Essential Petite Styling Tips for Over the Knee Boots

Hi beauties! Fall is arguably the best season for fashion. It's the season of chunky knits, duster cardigans, and one of the biggest fall 2020 shoe trends---over the knee boots. Now, as much as I love the aesthetic of OTK boots, I'm petite! Unfortunately, it's difficult for us petite ladies to find our perfect fit. However, after lots of trial and error, and research I've narrowed down three essential petite styling tips for over the knee boots.

Before we begin, I must say these tips are suggestions at best, so don't feel pressured to adhere to them. Remember, your style is your own. Now, let's jump right into it:

First, Measure Yourself

For starters, I've found that the simplest way to find OTK boots that work for you is to measure your leg. No, really. It sounds too simple (and boring) and you're absolutely correct. But, you won't want to skip this tip! I used to do the same with sandals and sneakers, and this is no different. This tip only works when you have information on the pair of boots you want. The main takeaway is if you know your measurements before you shop, you'll have less trial and error.

For example, take a look at the photo above. Net-a-Porter has a breakdown of a pair of OTK boots from Saint Laurent. The product details suggest that you order a half size up. Keep this in mind because typically the shaft height increases as the shoe size increases. You'll want to look for any other details on every pair of OTK boots you're interested in.

Master The Element of Proportion

Proportion is one of the key elements of style. The combination of an oversized sweater, a pair of fitted jeans, and OTK boots is a proportional masterpiece. These three pieces together achieve it with simplicity.

For petites specifically, I recommend a pair of high rise dark wash jeans, a cropped sweater with an oversized silhouette, and black OTK boots. A pair of black boots and a dark wash, high rise pair of jeans help elongate your legs. Furthermore, the proportion of the oversized crop sweater with the jeans and boots will flatter your petite frame.

Mini & Micro Lengths

The main reason why OTK boots can look awkward on petite women is due to the lack of space to show off our thighs. This is where trial and error kicks in, but taking the time to measure yourself can help a lot, especially when it's time to wear a skirt or dress.

Mini lengths complement OTK boots flawlessly. For petite women, depending on exactly how tall you are in relation to the height of your boot, a micro length might be even better. Regardless of which length most interests you, be sure to leave a few inches of space between the top of your boots and the bottom of your skirt or dress.

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