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How to Upgrade Your Style With Athleisure in 5 Ways (Perfect for Quarantine Fashion)

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

black model with natural hair posing for how to upgrade your style, wearing quarantine fashion with adidas black and white tracksuit with emblem, cat eye sunglasses, and printed face mask outdoors at park

Hey beauties! It's already summer, and the pandemic continues to keep in our homes but that doesn't mean our style has to stay put, too. The best quarantine fashion looks are visually appealing without compromising comfort. That being said, athleisure is a great style that balances looking and feeling good. Read on to learn how to upgrade your style with athleisure in five simple ways.

What is Athleisure?

black model with natural hair posing for how to upgrade your style, wearing quarantine fashion with adidas black and white tracksuit with emblem, cat eye sunglasses, and printed face mask outdoors at park

First things first. It's no secret that athleisure is accepted as a staple in our wardrobes, but what is it mean exactly, and when it begin? Athleisure simply combines athletic and leisurewear. In today's age, athleisure is associated with brands like Nike, Ivy Park, Fenty Puma, etc. However, the term has been around for much longer.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that "athleisure" was first used in the late 1970s. Back then, it described as shoes and clothes that appear athletic, and by the late 90s, Women's Wear Daily defined it as "non-performance styles such as canvas or suede." The difference today is that athleisure can be performative and general.

Now, let's get into how this style can upgrade your quarantine fashion.

Layer a Neutral Look

black model with natural hair wearing quarantine fashion with adidas black and white tracksuit with emblem, three stripe bodysuit, cat eye sunglasses, and printed face mask outdoors at park posing for how to upgrade your style

A classic black and white fit never fails, but use layers to give it a boost. Fortunately, sportswear is perfect for layering because of the typical thinner fabrics used in production. For example, it's much more comfortable layering a sports bra with a lightweight windbreaker in comparison to a casual cotton tee and soft fleece jacket.

To take your neutral look up a step, keep your focus on the details. Try a garment that showcases the brand's emblem in a unique way. Or, look for silhouettes you may not typically wear.

Play With Proportions

mixed race model in quarantine fashion, matching gray sports bra and leggings with bright yellow shoe running up stairs

Gone are the days of pairing oversized sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants together. In 2020, upgrade your quarantine fashion by playing with proportions. Try a Instead of a full-length top and bottom, try a crop shirt with different rise sweats.

For example, if you want to accentuate your curves, go for a crop shirt with high rise sweats, or if you want to show off your abs, go for a mid to low rise pair. Furthermore, try a slim fitting top with cropped athletic leggings.

Embrace Bold Colors

black model with braids on the beach wearing bold pink sports bra and multicolor leggings in quarantine fashion, a key tip on how to upgrade your style

Heather grays, black, and white are no doubt the most popular colors we see in athleisure outfits. Even more, neutral colors in general, are most popular because of the versatility they provide. There's no harm in a neutral outfit, but it can be a bit boring if there aren't interesting details to make it stand out.

Opt for rich, bold colors to upgrade your quarantine fashion in a flash. The best part about wearing bold colors is that it does all the work for you. You don't have to look for extra details, or compensate with a handful of accessories to make a statement.

Bonus tip: look for colors that match your skin's undertone. For instance, I have golden/yellow undertones, so warmer shades in red, yellow, orange, etc. complement the natural radiance of my skin. Cooler tones can benefit from purples, greens, and blues.

Mix & Match

black model with natural hair tying shoe lace in athleisure quarantine fashion; mint green sneakers, blue print leggings, and gray sports bra

Matchy-matchy looks can get old pretty fast, so mix and match your outfit for an easy update. This tip can take on different meanings. You can mix and match color, fabrics, style, print, silhouette, etc. For example, mix bold colors with a neutral to create a focal point for your outfit. Further, mix your fabrics to create a more or less casual look.

The key here is to make sure you're strategic with your color choice and make sure your proportions still make sense. You can use the basic principles of the color wheel to help guide you. A few color combos to get you started include sky blue and a silvery gray, rich red and soft pink, pistachio green with lilac, and so on.

Make a Sneaker Statement

two pairs of bold sneakers against bright yellow and purple background example on how learn how to upgrade your style and quarantine fashion with statement sneakers

Last but not least, make a statement in a fresh pair of sneakers. Arguably, your choice of shoes is what ties your look together, pun intended. For that reason, you can take this tip to step out of your comfort zone. Look for designer or limited edition sneakers If your goal is to stick with classic styles like Adidas Stan Smith or Nike Air Force 1s, try to find a pair that is limited edition.

Now that you know how to upgrade your style with athleisure, quarantine fashion doesn't have to be boring, and your overall wardrobe gets a refresh. What are some ways you've worn athleisure in 2020?

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