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Stay Safe and Strategic With These 10 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Hey, Beauties! Cyber Monday is quickly approaching, and with all the excitement around the upcoming holiday season, it can be easy to impulse buy and glaze over your credit safety. After having hackers break into my account a few years ago, I researched and adopted a few practices to beef up my protection while I shop. Today, I will share my ten best Cyber Monday shopping tips to help you protect yourself, and save money as well. Let's jump right into it:

How to Save Money Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Look Through Preview Sales

Ahh, the glorious preview sale. It's one of the best ways to minimize your shopping time on Cyber Monday. You get to see what the deals will be offered, and save them on your wishlist to purchase another day. Get started early, so that when Cyber Monday rolls around, you'll have easy access to the items you want.

Sign Up for Store Newsletters

This tip is an oldie, but goodie. Most e-commerce stores have incentives when you sign up for their newsletters. Yes, you will more than likely get flooded with promo emails, but the savings are worth it! For example, the popular luxury consignment shop, The Real Real, gives you a $25 credit when you sign up.

Stay Updated on Social Media

Social media allows us to stay updated on all types of news and content, including Cyber Monday promotions. I promise, pretty much every retailer will spend time creating numerous marketing campaigns for Cyber Monday alone, so be on the lookout. Follow your favorite retailers on Twitter and Instagram to see what the latest promotions are as they are announced.

Avoid Sites without Shipping Deals

Most retailers have shipping incentives regardless of the time of year. If there aren't any free or at least discounted shipping offers, I highly suggest you shop elsewhere, as competitor sites will have some sort of bargain. Pro tip: carefully review your order to make sure there aren't any hidden fees or taxes.

Take Advantage of Credit Card Offers

Rewards credit cards are perfect for the holiday season and especially Cyber Monday. Check to see if your credit card has any discounts or offers. Use these offers to double up on savings by stacking them on top of store coupons.

5 Ways to Stay Safe While Cyber Monday Shopping

Shop directly from trusted retailer sites instead of search engines

Skip typing "best designer bag deals" into Google, and go straight to a trusted retailer's site. Cybercriminals will list fake advertisements that lead to fake websites which will make it easier for them to steal your information. If designer fashion is what you're looking for, try Net-a-Porter, SSENSE, Nordstrom, etc. instead of small boutiques.

Use reputable retailer apps instead of your web browser if you're shopping from your phone.

Let's be real, many of us shop directly from our mobile phones, regardless if they're Androids or iPhones. If you plan on doing some mobile shopping, use retailer apps instead of your web browser. The benefit here is that retailers have more control over their apps in comparison to mobile browsers.

Try to Avoid Using Debit Cards

As much as you can, try to use credit cards to do your Cyber Monday shopping. They have better fraud protection. When my bank account was hacked during the holiday season, my debit card information was stolen. Instead of spending huge amounts at once, the hackers spent a few dollars at a time to see if I was paying attention. After a short while, they began to spend hundreds at a time.

Review Privacy Policies

The less information you share, the better. Take a look at the privacy policies of the e-commerce sites you shop at. If you have the choice to opt-out of giving your personal information, please do it. Taking the time to do this will lower your chances of having your identity stolen.

Frequently review your bank statements.

If there's ONE tip you take away from this guide, it's this one. Check your accounts for any fraudulent activity, and check them daily. As I mentioned earlier, when my account was hacked, it happened gradually. Had I been more diligent, I would've noticed the $3-$5 unauthorized charges before lump sums were taken.

I hope this guide helps you feel more safe and confident while your shop on Cyber Monday. If you want more safety tips, check this article from Money Under 30 and this article from Money Crashers. Stay tuned, Beauties, holiday shopping guides are on the way!

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